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Isn't That The Truth!

 That is why I’ve been teaching solopreneurs who struggle with prospecting for new business,  converting potential leads into customers, and make more sales resulting in an increased bottom line. The sales strategies I help them to implement are based on conversational sales approaches using the principles of empathy, engagement, education, and empowerment so they can achieve greater income and enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams. So…let’s get started on the amazing journey you deserve, to learn, unlock and discover.

BRinging My Expertise Directly To You

The first book I authored, “Unlocking the Hidden Treasures In Your Business”, based on working with my clients,  is full of great , proven information of what you need to do to make your business profitable.  Download your free copy as a gift for visiting my site. 

This Book Will help

busy solopreneurs and small business owners who typically provide online service solutions

Readers say

“As a happy, multiple business owner, and member of several International organizations, I have the opportunity to meet and interact with high profile industry individuals at conferences, conventions, and private invite-only gatherings. During one such recent gathering I was reading John Allen’s marketing e-book, that I’d purchased at a presentation seminar of his. As I was reading, the net worth of the room rose by almost $100 BILLION dollars as a certain, high profile computer software giant walked in surrounded by numerous Tech Insiders, Giants, and Gurus in their own right. Throughout the day several individuals perused the marketing e-book I was reading, were talking about it, and confirmed the information presented within. It even received confirming nods from some of the giants. SOLD. Needless to say, after those reactions, I’ve re-read John’s e-book several times, and recommend it to everyone!”

by Ian Chantler

St. Thomas | Ontario, Canada

I have listened to many guru’s in regard to marketing and wound up with just a lot of noise in my head! I also lost confidence in myself, you know…those fearful questions that haunt a solopreneur? It was recommended I read the book John Allen wrote.  After reading this book, the 8 strategic methods not only made sense, after implementation, I tripled my design business and am now in the process of developing 2 more businesses. These strategies work! I truly recommend!

by Cyndee Wilson

Beaufort | SC, USA